Pat McDermott's Priorities

My name is Pat McDermott, and it is a privilege to serve 
​​the people of Blue Earth County.
​I am committed to providing the highest quality, ethical representation in all matters.  It is my commitment to provide professional, fair and effective criminal prosecution and legal services to county government and citizens.

Blue Earth County Attorney

 Experience Matters

Open Communications and Coalitions

As Blue Earth County Attorney, I will practice open communications and build coalitions to improve our criminal justice system. This means:

  • Working together with Blue Earth County citizens, law enforcement officers, corrections officials and other community justice partners to target our limited resources on combating crime and focus our response to crime where it will do the most good.
  • Continuing to improve the Blue Print for Safety, and streamline the process for domestic abuse victims, and other victims, to avoid duplication of services and resources on support & prosecution efforts. 
  • Ensuring that effective training is provided to lawyers, law enforcement, and criminal justice partners to improve services.
  • Holding annual forums to provide information and obtain input from the community.

Public Safety First

Public safety does not just mean being tough on violent crime. It also means having a cost effective and comprehensive plan to improve how we handle Blue Earth County’ most challenging criminal problems.  Therefore, I will continue to prioritize resources and effectively and fairly prosecute violent criminals, with an eye toward deterring repeat offenses, in particular domestic abusers and sex offenders.  I will continue to work closely with law enforcement and other community justice partners to ensure that offenders are held accountable for their crimes 

Be Committed to Protecting the Interests of the Citizens of Blue Earth County

I will provide first-rate legal advice and representation to the County Board, County Administration and the departments of County government; to protect and defend the county from law suits; civilly commit the mentally ill and dangerous; enforce county ordinances; collect child support from parents who shun their responsibilities; and protect children who are neglected and abused.

I will work proactively, cooperatively and creatively with other governmental and private organizations to achieve efficient outcomes, and to solve problems in the areas of both criminal justice and general county business.  

Protect Tax Payers and Reduce Bureaucracy, Particularly for Crime Victims

Think smart. Work hard. Increase resources by developing and building upon coalitions with other agencies and community justice partners to target specific problems in a coordinated way. Ensure that all community justice partners work collaboratively and judiciously to provide help and services for crime victims, especially for the vulnerable and the elderly.  

Problem Solving Courts work.  Continue to improve and promote taxpayer efficient and effective programs such as the Veterans Court, the Adult Drug Court, and the Family Dependency Treatment Court.  Identify the non-violent offenders, and judiciously use our resources in an effective and efficient manner that provides accountability and reduces recidivism.

Endorsed by Democratic, Republican and Independence party members

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